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MAG Mag Silver Grants Incentive Stock Options

July 10, 2003

MAG Silver Corp. (TSX-V: MAG) announces the grant of 40,000 incentive stock options to two of its consultants, subject to regulatory approval. After a four month initial vesting period, the options may be exercised at any time for a price of $0.77 per share until July 9, 2008.

On behalf of the Board of

"George S. Young"
President, Director

For further information on behalf of MAG Silver Corp. contact George S. Young
Phone: (604) 630-1399
U.S. Phone:(303) 799-9015
Website: www.magsilver.com
Email: info@magsilver.com
Fax:(604) 484-4710

The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or adequacy of this news release, which has been prepared by management.

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